The perception of transparency in the Dutch healthcare industry

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This research is a case study that covers perception of transparency and secrecy in the Dutch healthcare industry from multiple perspectives and their respective compliance-achievement trade-offs. For this research six interviews were conducted with individuals from different professional backgrounds. All interviews were connected to the transparencyregister healthcare, an initiative of the Dutch government to provide patients insights into the financial relationships between prescribing healthcare professionals and the industry producers. In addition, news articles were analyzed to determine the societal perspective, however, the news articles covered less about the societal perspective than expected. The data gathered from these sources was analyzed using the method presented by Gioia et al. (2012). This allowed for an overview to be created consisting of multiple dimensions with their respective second order themes and first order codes. The dimensions were based on concepts found in existing literature, the compliance-achievement trade-off as presented in Haack et al. (2021), the responses presented by Levay and Waks (2009) and the sensemaking mechanisms introduced by Schembera et al. (2023). From the analysis and the results could be concluded that the perception of transparency and secrecy depends on the context of the actors and their arguments to commit to transparency policies.
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