Knollen voor Citroenen. Een onderzoek naar de ontstaangeschiedenis van Fortarock en naar de rol van Robert Korstanje als moderne mecenas binnen de kaders van het huidige culturele veld.

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This master thesis focuses on the role of the modern patron in the current field of cultural production. We specifically concentrate on Robert Korstanje, the founder and CEO of the biggest metal-based outdoor festival of the Netherlands. Korstanje himself was embedded in a different field of power, the corporate field, but successfully managed to maintain a strong and recognized position in the cultural field. In this research we follow Korstanje on his journey from the corporate field towards the field of cultural production. Korstanje enters into and becomes a part of the structure of the field, more specifically in the metal scene. The manner in which Korstanje uses the exceptional dynamics of this part of the field to his own advantage, to gain a position that is capable of organizing it’s own metal festival, can give us an insight in the way these autonomous dynamics work. By following Korstanje on a three stage journey, in which he first examines the field, then is introduced in the field and finally takes a rooted position in the field which allows him to eventually end up with the biggest metal festival in the country, we try to deduct the elements that made this career move possible. We cross paths with other actors in the field that made a contribution to Korstanje’s journey. By focusing on the process of value-assignment between Korstanje and the other actors we can unveil the interests of both parties. By analyzing these interests we can try to get an image of the field of cultural production as a space in which basically anyone can create, generate and receive different forms of cultural and symbolic power.
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