From success story to disturber. Insight into the framing of radical innovation Airbnb by its stakeholders over time in Dutch newspapers

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Although it is generally known that companies can greatly benefit from radical innovations, a lot remains unknown about how radical innovations are perceived. Therefore, the objective of this research was to get more insight into the perceptions that exist of radical innovations. In this case study, the focus was on how the framing of radical innovation Airbnb evolved over time in Dutch newspapers. This was researched by analysing stakeholders’ frames, which represent perceptions toward the company and its practices, and which were derived from news articles published in three Dutch national newspapers between 2011 and March 2019. The results show that the diversity of frames regarding Airbnb increases at first but gets stable over time. Moreover, the sentiment regarding Airbnb is predominantly negative. Regional governments stand out as an important stakeholder group, since they seem to act on their frames and have the ability to influence the company’s continuation with rules and legislation. The research contributes to the literature by applying the concept of framing to the process of sense making of a radical innovation by stakeholders, developing a method to do so, and by giving insight into the development of the framing of Airbnb by its stakeholders.
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