“It is time for time… and space! Putin’s chronotopopolitical bordering of Ukraine”

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This thesis is about Putin’s chronotopopolitical discourse. Putin uses time/history and space/geography in his discourse to legitimize his war in Ukraine and the renewed Ukrainian borders. An important presumption in the thesis is that time and space are inseparable because when Putin refers to a past time, this automatically means that a reference is made to a current space too. This time-space dimension is combined with border studies whereby attention is paid to former borders in relation to Putin’s desired new borders. The concepts of retrotopia, myth, chronotope, cyclicity, linearity, anachronism/anachronistic bordering and selectivity are used to reveal how Putin practices chronopolitics. Words, which are not innocent, are used as weapons by him. The research method Critical narrative analysis (CAN) is used, to better understand the Russian state discourse as well as Putin’s personal narrative. 99 speeches of Putin are analysed and maps, which support the mythical story of the Kremlin, are deconstructed. Critical cartography is used to give counter-arguments against Putin’s reasoning. Focus points are the fictive triunity between Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the restoration of the tsarist Empire, the Crimea referendum and the erasure of Ukraine’s artificial borders during the Cossack Hetmanate and the Soviet Union.
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