Building Bridges: The Use of Co-creation to Achieve Polyphonic Policymaking in the Municipality of Nijmegen

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This master thesis investigates how the co-creation of space could lead to more inclusive policymaking processes in the policy area of asylum and integration of the municipality of Nijmegen. It hypothesizes that power relations and power inequalities that have caused a distance between the municipality and status holders in Nijmegen could be decreased through the use of polyphonic policymaking. Using co-creation of space as a tool to achieve this contributes to safe spaces and awareness of power relations and inequalities, which enhances inclusion within the municipality. Organizations in Nijmegen, other municipalities, and status holders were interviewed for this research in order to get an answer to the research question. This research concludes that the use of co-creation of space is an indispensable tool to use when aiming for polyphony within policymaking. It is, furthermore, something that should be seen as a process and something that should be done, rather than designed, which entails changing one’s frame of reference. Keywords: power, co-creation, policymaking, status holder inclusion.
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