The municipal quest from stress test to risk dialogue: An exploratory research to the stimulating and hindering factors in the municipal climate adaptation process from a collaborative learning perspective

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The Deltaplan Ruimtelijke Adaptatie (DPRA) gives direction to the complex climate adaptation process by prescribing a stress test and risk dialogue. A primary issue is how the collaboration process with multiple parties is managed and how strategies are jointly developed. In this research qualitative insight is given into the stimulating and hindering factors in making the step from stress test to risk dialogue in municipalities in the Province of Noord-Brabant. To characterise this process an analytical framework is used, consisting of two dimensions: collaborative governance and collective learning. Using a case study research design, these elements were studied per DPRA phase: stress test phase, ‘intermediate phase’ and risk dialogue phase. It was found that intermediate outcomes are crucial for building momentum and encouraging a cycle of trust building and shared motivation. Furthermore, the main findings of this research indicate the importance to reduce the ‘gap’ between stress test and risk dialogue, by making the stress test more an inclusive or public process. All in all, if the focus of the stress test remains on quantifying vulnerabilities and on technical detail, there is a risk of a mismatch between stress test and practice.
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