Motivating customers in the B2B and B2C markets to buy sustainable toilet paper

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This research investigated how Dutch customers in the B2B and B2C markets can be motivated to buy more sustainable variants of toilet paper. Motivators stimulating customers to buy green products are examined, but also the role of ecolabels and the sustainable and not-sustainable attributes that are important for toilet paper. In addition, the role of demographic factors was investigated. Two surveys were conducted to investigate how respondents felt about these matters, one in each market. These surveys were drafted based on literature, a document analysis, and expert interviews. The results portray that the B2B sector attaches more value to the sustainability of the toilet paper than the B2C sector, where comfort is regarded more important. Ethical concerns are the most important motivator, followed by acting environmentally friendly to be the norm in the B2B market and feeling a purchase was effective in the B2C market. Ecolabels are more important in the B2B market but do raise confusion. For sustainable attributes, the usage of as few chemicals and cutting down as few trees as possible were most important. For not-sustainability related attributes the paper dissolving easily and softness were most important. On demographic factors, no reliable results were found.
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