Integration & Society. A study about the integration process of migrant youngsters and social institutes acting as facilitators in this process.

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This research embraces a (re)current subject: the process of integration of youngsters in Dutch society. In this, the role of social institutions such as Secondary Schools, sport clubs or local youth centres is investigated: ‘to what extent are social institutes facilitators in the integration process of youngsters in the Municipality of Arnhem?’ A group of youngsters aged 15 till 18 living in Arnhem was questioned with a survey in order to investigate their (opinion on and experiences with their personal) integrationprocess on local scale. Thereby, several youth workers, sport coaches and a professor were interviewed to receive their perspective on this matter. This research is a descriptive one, which means that information is collected and implicated in a theoretical background in order to understand and declare the situation in Arnhem. In this, this thesis will offer a new insight in the subject of integration with the focus on (the role of) social institutes in Arnhem, since the current available is at this moment still too general, not practically useful for youngsters and not visible scientific undergird. Finally, this research may lead to better support of the integration process of youngsters in the Municipality of Arnhem.
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