Researching Types of Language on Likeliness to Order Healthy or Unhealthy Restaurant Meals: Menus including Indulgent, Health-focused and Neutral Language.

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In this study, an experiment of different types of language was conducted on Dutch natives’ intentions to order a meal from a restaurant menu. The different types of language in this study were indulgent language, health-related and neutral language. The experiment measured the effect of using different types of language on a menu description on order intention. The menu included both healthy and unhealthy meals. The aim of the study was to see whether using a certain type of language can lead to a higher order intention of healthy meals. Unhealthy meals are seen as more filling and satisfying compared to healthy meals. Hence, the unhealthy meals could already have a higher level of order intention. However, the possibility of using language to increase that level was tested here. The study focuses on Dutch participants and therefore the descriptions of the meals were written in the Dutch language. The words used in the descriptions had been rated through sensory norms. Since the study had a within-subjects design, all the meals were described in all types of language but were presented in either indulgent, healthy or neutral language.
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