Overcoming Challenges of Sustainable Innovations: a Participatory System Dynamics. Approach to Value Co-creation

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Sustainable innovations face a variety of challenges to planning and implementation; hence, exploring new methodologies is necessary to enhance a successful development. The present research created and tested a participatory modelling framework to allow for value co-creation to emerge, aiming to improve the proficiency of sustainable innovations and to reduce implementation’s uncertainty. The framework was applied to an energy efficiency innovation case. Results showed that participatory modelling facilitates direct interaction among innovation developers and end-users, improving dialogue and increasing understanding. Such outcomes are likely to advance the way innovations are designed, allowing for deep innovation to occur and thus, enhancing systemic transformation when innovation are applied to large-scale projects. Moreover, the use of a quantified system dynamics model to assess value perception exposed the limitations of linear models in terms of value assessment and policy making. The dynamic model reveals insights that contribute to reduce uncertainty at planning level and to assist innovation implementation by learning to better manage sacrifices, focusing efforts to relevant benefits and adapting efforts and strategies to the variety of end-users’ that benefit from the solution.
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