Bridging Retirement – An Analysis on the Dynamic Process of Bridge Employment and its Impact on Retirees’ Identities

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Nowadays, organizations must face an increasingly “greying workforce” that is simultaneously approaching the retirement age. Contemporary literature fails to investigate the social phenomenon of retirement in depth as well as the individual adjustments to it, as for instance taking on bridge employment during this phase and how this might impact retirees and their dynamic identities. Hence, this study further investigated on the actual process behind bridge employment in its full complexity and aimed at answering the following research question: How does bridge employment as a dynamic process influence the identity of retirees? This was analyzed by applying a qualitative research method approach and by applying the theoretical lens of a rite de passage through which the transitional process of bridge employment was examined. Further contextual, personal, and societal factors that influenced retiree’s identity throughout the process of bridge employment have been identified. In this way, this study theoretically adds upon contemporary gerontological and bridge employment related studies by viewing bridge employment as a dynamic process through the lens of a rite de passage, which contributes to a more diversified picture of bridge employment within literature as well as a deeper understanding of the dynamic identity of retirees.
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