Home is where the heart is. A study on the sense of belonging of Syrian refugees in Friesland

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This research aims to unravel social and spatial aspects considering the sense of belonging of Syrian refugees that have been in the Netherlands for more than a year. I consulted several theories, which suggest the importance of the heterogeneity of these people. In addition t used theories that explain how social and spatial elements of the host society impact the sense of belonging of Syrians in Friesland. Results of the research show that refuges are still very much connected to their roots, which is mainly associated with family. For refugees their sense of security and their family are the most important factors in establishing belonging in the Netherlands. In addition, this research shows that in order to develop a social sense of belonging in the host society, participation in the local social life and development of social networks is very important. However most refugees did not achieve this level of participation jet. Reasons for this can be found both in the individualist attitudes of the autochthonous locals, but also in the lack of language skills of the Syrians.
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