The Adequacy of Dictations in Dutch Elementary Schools

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As one of the most important features in education, learning a language can be done through di erent methods. The two basic measurements are dictations and essay assignments. It appears that not everyone is as convinced about the e ectiveness of dictations because of its restric- tions. For this thesis the dictation format of the data from earlier research (Tellings et al., 2014) has been adjusted with the use of the Levenshtein distance. The new format is now operating as more informative data. With this reformed data and the predicted grades retrieved from Jaspers earlier research (2019), the statistical analysis Pearson product-moment correlation coe cient and multiple linear regression will clarify the ques- tions about the adequacy of dictations. Between the dictation score and the predicted grade di erence to the real grade a correlation of 0.239 was found, this results in a negligible coe cient of determination R2 = 0:057. This in combination with the improvement of the linear regression from R2 = 0:680 to R2 = 0:698 that is not worth mentioning for adding the variable dictation score, indicates that the predicted grades based on text complexity cannot be explained by the dictation score of the same student.
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