Semi-Revitalizations. A critical look at the colonial heritage conservation efforts within Semarang, Indonesia

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In this thesis, the relations between the historic Kota Lama located in Semarang, Indonesia, and its involved parties will be looked into. What is the reason that certain buildings have better conditions than other buildings on the other side of the street? Why is Kota Lama not a major tourist hotspot? How can this be improved and what is the role of the local government in this situation? This study will use interviews with local entrepreneurs and board members of the group interested in conserving the historical relics in Kota Lama. Together with an analysis of pictures taken in the Kota Lama and a tour through the street by an expert, an impression will be created to show what is going on currently in the Kota Lama and answer how the current situation can be changed and should be changed as it is hurting multiple parties involved. This thesis will explore the Kota lama and what it has to offer, what can be done to protect it, and what will be lost if parties don’t take conservation seriously enough.
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