Over het ontstaan en voortbestaan van Karel van Manders Schilder-Boeck. Een interdisciplinair onderzoek naar de betrokken partijen: de producenten, gebruikers en preserveerders

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Each copy of a book has its own story. Its creation and continued existence could take place due to several parties: the producers, the readers and the preservers. The producers chose to print, reprint or reproduce the book for a specific reason and audience. The readers added their own notes to the various copies of the book. The preservers chose to collect specific editions or copies and formulated regulations for future preservation. Considering all of these contributions will give us an overview of the journey of the book from its origin to the present day. In this thesis, the contributions of producers, readers and preservers to the existence of a book are explored with the case study of the Schilder-Boeck by Karel van Mander – a book that was first printed in 1604, was (partially) reprinted up until 1764, and is still being reproduced in printed and digitised versions.
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