A Mascoline Collective: A case study on the Organizational Culture of the Military

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This article focusses on the organizational culture of the military, and questions whether the culture is masculine or increasingly feminine. A theoretical framework has been created by combining the recruitment theories, with knowledge on culture and the military. It was found that there are two strands of thinking about military culture, it is either perceived to be masculine or the culture is assumed to be undergoing feminization. Based on the theoretical framework the expectation was created that feminization of the military culture would be found. A case study to the Dutch armed forces has been conducted in order to determine the culture of the military. A content analysis of the recruitment website of the Dutch armed forces has been done. Testimonials and vacancies have been analysed on displayed traits of masculinity of femininity. The results of the analysis give reason to think that the military culture is undergoing feminization. Of all the found cultural traits on the recruitment website, over a third was feminine. Therefore it is argued that the military is an organization which culture is still very masculine, but with many feminine characteristics as well. This gives reason to believe there is feminization within the military.
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