The Dutch feminst movement. What happend since the flourishing years in the 1980s?

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This purpose of this study is to analyse the Dutch feminist movement and decide if the movement can be as successful as it was in the 1980s. It is now an interesting time for the feminist movement because of the rise of the populist radical right parties. During the 1980s the Dutch feminist movement was subsidized, bureaucratized, coordinated and embedded in the government. Furthermore, the different feminist movement organizations worked together and had a good relationship with the political system. This study categorizes the success factors that influence the success of a feminist movement into four categories; structure of the movement, political context, public opinion and available resources. To analyse if the success factors from the 1980s still apply, this study compares the Dutch feminist movement from the 1980s to the feminist movement in the 2010Fs and presents the differences and similarities between those two periods. There are clear differences and especially the structure of the feminist movement weakened in the last 30 years, but also the political context and the type of resources have changed.
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