The role of ICT usage in the work life of teachers. Qualitative study about the interaction between ICT usage of teachers and their time-use patterns at Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)

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Work has changed due to development of new forms of information communication technologies (ICTs). These ICTs are easy to use and portable, which changed employee’s time-use patterns. The focus of this study is about how the usage of these new forms of ICTs (smartphones and tablets) interact with time-use patterns. Bits and pieces about the influence of ICT usage on time-use patterns are already researched. The influence the other way around is under researched. The interaction between ICT usage and time-use patterns is examined through a single qualitative case study focusing on teachers of Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN), a Dutch University of Applied Sciences. This study showed that ICT usage and time-use patterns interact with each other. Access to ICTs and the way HAN teachers use ICTs leads to excessive or limited ICT usage. Their ICT usage type has an influence on time-use patterns. For example, excessive ICT usage leads to working overtime. Second, certain time-use patterns provoke limited or excessive ICT usage. Most teachers use time in a certain way which provokes excessive ICT usage. Peak periods, face-to-face interruptions during workdays, delays and norms of responsiveness and availability provokes excessive ICT usage.
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