Brand Awareness by using a Fashion Celebrity on Social Media

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The use of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is becoming an essential part of our lives. Simultaneously, in the last years, a shift from offline celebrity advertisements to online celebrity advertisements has occurred. The purpose of this study is to understand how differently the relationship between female younger and older customers with a different level of engagement affects brand awareness by using a famous online celebrity. These relationships will be mediated by the acceptance of new technology and moderated by the credibility of the source. This study extends the existing literature by analysing a more recent phenomenon of online fashion celebrities that are very popular on social media platforms. This study was conducted between 353 female participants from all of Europe, and the data is analysed through multiple linear regression analyses. Results confirmed the negativity of the relationship between age groups and brand awareness by using a celebrity and the positivity of the relationship between customer engagement and brand awareness by using a celebrity. The mediating variable was found to have a negative effect on the relationship between the two IVs and the DV. This means that the acceptance of new technology does not positively improve the relationship between both age groups - customer engagement and brand awareness. The moderating variable credibility of the source was found to have a positive and significant role in the relationship between the acceptance of new technology and brand awareness when the advertisement is made by a non-famous celebrity. On the other hand, it appeared to have a nonsignificant effect when the advertisement was made by a famous celebrity.
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