In Search for Water, Avoiding Conflicts: Analysing the impact of water scarcity on migration patterns of pastorialists in the Isiolo holding ground, Nothern Kenya

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This research focuses on the seasonal migration of pastoralists in a specific semi-arid area in the Isiolo Holding Ground area, situated in the Upper Ewaso Ng’iro North River Basin in Kenya. Besides a geographical focus, this research focuses on the (agro)pastoralists Ndorobo community. The Water Poverty Index has been used to gain more insight in the various facets of water scarcity and the effects on the migration decisions of (agro) pastoralist. Furthermore, this relation has been linked to drought related conflicts. These drought related conflicts occur when pastoralists all want to make use of the scarce resources. After a drought period pastoralists sometimes use violence to replace the livestock that has perished. On the other hand, drought related conflict might also occur when pastoralists migrate to the same places or pass each other during migration, which in turn is a possible consequence of water scarcity. It has been concluded different communities experience water scarcity and seasonal migration in various ways. Compared to other communities, Ndorobos tend to move in groups and emphasize the importance of preventing conflicts with other communities.
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