Going to school: a valuable or stressful journey?

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Bringing your child to school is for every parent an important common activity in relation to home-school mobility. This parent’s practice about the journey from home to school can be conducted in various ways. Therefore, this journey is certainly not only a displacement in space, but that there is much more to it. This entire process of this practice starts at home behind the front door and ends in the immediate school environment, where influences and experiences play an important role in choices made by parents. Nowadays there is often (the feeling of) unsafe situations in the school environment. Because the large amount of traffic and people, chaotic situations occur around schools. The new initiative of “Lekker Anders Dag” (LAD) responds to this and tries to get parents and their children to go to school in a more pleasant way by emphasizing the importance of the school journey. Overall, the initiative has already made many families and schools think in the municipalities of Cuijk, Wijchen and 's-Hertogenbosch. It can be concluded that LAD has an interesting effect in approaching safety issues in the school environment and at the same time allowing parents and children to enjoy home-school mobility more.
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