Resource Orchestration of Customer Experience-Driven BMI: Opening the Black Box of Foodservice Firms Student: Lieke

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This study addresses the question: How do Dutch foodservice firms orchestrate their resources for customer experience-driven BMI in the scape? The existing body of literature on business model innovation (BMI) and customer experience (CE) has limited research that attempts explaining how to align these concepts in the context of foodservice firms. Through the application of the theoretical framework of resource orchestration (ROT), this article seeks to clarify how BMI and CE can be effectively aligned. The empirical findings of this study illustrate how two Dutch foodservice firms employ the processes of structuring, bundling, and leveraging for customer experience-driven BMI. Moreover, this study highlights the holistic approach to CE, encompassing various elements found in the physical environment, employee interactions, and the menu that collectively constitute a scape. This article has value for both scholars and practitioners. For scholars, this study provides insights into the application of ROT on BMI and CE, while also encouraging further research into the interplay between ROT, BMI, and CE. For practitioners, it opens up the black box of the internal operations of two foodservice firms with regard to the strategic utilization of their resources and capabilities to enhance customer experience-driven BMI in the scape.
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