The impact of various governance levels on CSR A comparative analysis of corporate environmental, social and governance performance across 15 European countries

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Over the past decades, people have been increasingly expecting businesses to prevent or mitigate any environmental or social problems that these businesses may cause. This expectation is commonly known as corporate social responsibility (or: CSR). While CSR has received a lot of attention in literature, still little is known about the effects of various types of governance on CSR performance. To fill this theoretical gap, this research aims to explore which types of governance can enhance CSR. Specifically, this research focuses on the effects of sectoral-level and national-level governance on CSR performance of corporate organizations. By using a MANOVA, this research was able to examine the effects of these two governance levels on the three dimensions of CSR performance; environmental, social, and governance. The results indicate that a higher level of sector self-regulation leads to a higher CSR performance on all three dimensions. Furthermore, there are significant and interesting differences in corporate environmental performance and corporate governance performance between four types of public policy models. Finally, the findings show that, contrary to what was expected, organizations from countries with a voluntary CSR government policy have a higher CSR performance than organizations from countries with a mandatory CSR government policy.
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