Contact through making. A research on the contacts and activities in the makerspace Bouwkeet, Rotterdam and their influence on a sense of community and its social effects

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This research is on the contacts and activities in the makerspace Bouwkeet, located in Rotterdam, and their influence on a sense of community. Besides, the social effects of this sense of a community are discussed: empowerment, the expansion of horizons and the development of soft skills. The research group entails adults who work at Bouwkeet, volunteer and make at Bouwkeet and children who participate at Bouwkeet. Desk research, interviews and observations are used to obtain data. A makerspace is a place people go to for making. The contacts in the makerspace are derived from the act of making. While people make learn from each other, help each other and have social conversations with each other. People who work at Bouwkeet do feel a strong connection with Bouwkeet, this is different for people who make things themselves and volunteer at Bouwkeet. Children who participate at Bouwkeet enjoy going to Bouwkeet and do feel a bond with the people who teach them at Bouwkeet. There do exist several indications for the development of empowerment, soft skills and the expansion of horizons by participating at Bouwkeet and becoming a part of the community.
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