Suitable housing for the elderly; an advice for real estate developers

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Real estate developers are often not involved as a stakeholder in the development of elderly housing. However, a shortage of suitable elderly housing is determined, and real estate developers should participate more in this market. This research studies four different concepts, to determine a possible role for real estate developers. These concepts are divided into independent living, communal living, and living in/near an institution, according to Mohammadi et al. (2019). The stakeholders are discussed per concept and in general. This study also describes the specific housing features per concept and checks the importance of these features with a questionnaire. Lastly, this study outlines the incentives for developers. Developers want a target group, not in need of care, wealthy, large amounts, and unambiguous. A new target group among the elderly is determined in this research and meets almost all requirements except unambiguous. The choice for housing for them is low. With the involvement of real estate developers, more options can be provided for the elderly housing market. A variety of options will contribute to solving the shortage of this market. With the information on the process and the stakeholders' roles, the stakeholders can learn from each other. Municipalities should work closer together. Research can be done for these municipalities. Stakeholders should use their knowledge more and cooperate better to make the elderly housing market as diverse as it needs to be.
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