America and Canada: Two Different Countries or One Continent? - American and Canadian Ideas on School Shootings Through the Representation of Newspaper Articles

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School shootings happen in many countries all over the world but America is by far the country where they happen the most. After a shooting, newspapers write extensively about the incident. The manner in which they present the news indicates what is found important and what not. This is why it is interesting to compare American newspaper articles to articles from another country. This thesis analyses and compares newspaper articles from The United States and Canada about four different American school shootings that happened between 1999 and 2012. Three returning topics at all four shootings are: popular culture, guns, and warning signs. Looking at these three topics this thesis discusses the differences between The United States and Canada, the newspapers within one country, and the shootings themselves. Popular culture is something that the American newspapers write more extensively about than the Canadian newspapers. The topic of guns is more divided within The United States than between Canada and America. Warning signs, which include mental illness, admiration for Hitler, and being an outcast, are a topic of high concern in both the nations and in every newspaper. It appears that national borders are not always the reason that people are divided. Keywords: School shootings; American/Canadian differences; newspaper article analyses
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