I start to question: do i feel at home here? Finding the interaction between feelings of belonging through the analysis of Muslim youth in the Netherlands

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This research aims to asses the extent to which an interaction between Islamophobia and belonging can be identified through the analysis of Muslim youth living in the Netherlands. This interaction lies in the vicious circle of Islamophobia and the belonging of Muslim youth in the Netherlands. Theory on Islamophobia and belonging demonstrates that Islamophobic sentiments, through the politics of belonging, categorise Muslims to be ‘the other.’ Within the Dutch context one sees this in their aim for assimilation. The Dutch assumptions of the ’uncivilized’ Muslim categorizes them as ‘the out-group’. Muslim youth, often feeling stuck in-between their national and ethnic identity, therefore feel stigmatized and excluded. This feeling of exclusion cause them to find their sense of belonging elsewhere, making sure they do feel a sense of belonging within the Netherlands, while not feeling a sense of belonging to Dutch national identity. This underlines Islamophobic Dutch discourses that Muslim youth do not integrate. Thus, one sees the vicious circle going from: Islamophobia to Islamophobic political discourse, to the othering of the Muslim community, to Muslim youth distancing themselves from the Dutch identity, which in turn leads to more Islamophobia.
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