The Antecedents of Destructive Deviant Customer Behaviour In Online Ideation Contests: A Qualitative Approach

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Co-creation with customers via online ideation contests is not always beneficial; it sometimes leads to unforeseen and harmful customer behaviour that can have significant destructive consequences. Such behaviour can disrupt ideation contests, reduce the attractiveness of these contests to contributors, and ultimately cause significant harm to host organisations (Gatzweiler et al., 2017). This explorative research strives to better understand what factors influence customers to engage in such behaviour in online ideation contests. That is, it addresses the following research question: What are the antecedents of customers' destructive deviant behaviour in online ideation contests? Deviant behaviour here refers to any behaviour that departs from a referent groups' norms or expectations. This research question was addressed using a qualitative methodology. Since there has been little research on deviant customer behaviour and its antecedents in online ideation contests, the researcher applied the inductive informed grounded theory approach. Semi-structured interviews with Dutch individuals who exhibited deviant behaviour in online ideation contests were used as the study’s form of data collection. The results of the analysis of the interview data revealed that there are three main antecedents for the deviant behaviours of customers in online ideation contests: dissatisfaction, perceived unfairness, and humour.
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