Resisting Chinese Transnational Repression: Emotional Power. The emotional sustainability of Chinese diaspora activists in the Netherlands

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The research problem this thesis focussed on was described as follows; Transnational Repressional action taken by the Chinese government on the Dutch Chinese diaspora activist puts pressure on the emotional sustainability needed to continue their protests. The research done by Moss, Michaelsen and Kennedy (2022) has identified two variables by which the commitment to engage in political activism is influenced but failed to incorporate the importance of emotions in their research. Brown and Pickerill (2009) argue the significant influence of emotions that determine the actions of activists and that a lack of recognition of emotions may cause emotional burnout. Which eventually will lead to the activists quitting their protests. Furthermore, if the protesters quit their protesting, the movement will lose momentum and a chance of change (Tarrow, 2022). This thesis answered the question of what these emotional motivators were by conducting a phenomenological research. Focusing on the experiences of the diaspora activists via semi structured interviews it becomes clear that fear, anger and sadness appear to influence the motives to continue to protest.
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