Emotional Response Behaviour System of a Social Robot

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A social robot is a robot that can adapt, interact and socially t within its changing environment. Emotional behaviours are often used to make a social interaction between human and robot more enjoyable. Robots that show emotional behaviour can also be used to make playing games against a robot more enjoyable. In this thesis, a social robot with an emotional response behaviour system is implemented, with which you can play Pente. Pente is a turn-based game that is played on a GO board. Every turn there are a lot of possible moves to play, which makes it a varietal game. The emotional response behaviour system can evaluate the move of the user and its own move, and display an appropriate emotional behaviour regarding this evaluation. The emotional behaviours of the robot are based on literature research, to make sure that the interaction between the robot and the user will be as enjoyable as possible. The evaluation of the move of the opponent is done by two evaluation methods that can accurately evaluate whether a move is a good move or a bad move. The Pente AI of the robot uses a minimax algorithm to compute its move. This AI provides good moves, and takes an average of 6 seconds to compute a move.
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