Aiming for the bottom: An analysis of human rights conditions as an indicator for foreign direct investment

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In a review of the extant literature the present study has found some inconsistencies in the relationship between human rights conditions and foreign direct investment. More specifically, the present study found two opposing views regarding this particular relationship. These views have, in the present study, been called the conventional wisdom and the contemporary wisdom. To assess how human rights conditions influence foreign direct investment inflow, the present study has conducted three regression analysis. The present study has added control variables and a moderator variable to the regression analyses. The first, second, and third regression analysis conducted regarded the relationship in the years 2018, 1990-2009, and 2010-2020, respectively. These regression analyses were used to assess the relationship between human rights conditions and foreign direct investment taking the temporal differences in the extant literature into account. The results in the present study differ from the assumptions in the extant literature. In contradiction to the extant literature, the present study finds only one of the two views. Furthermore, this view is found in significant in a time window diverging from the time window in the extant literature.
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