The RMS: Different generations (of) Moluccans in the Netherlands and their wish for an independent state

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During the 1970s a part of the Moluccan population carried out several violent actions. The prime motive for these actions was the political ideal of an independent Moluccan state. Nowadays the wish for an independent state is still alive among the Moluccan population living in the Netherlands. This thesis focuses on the differences between the second- and third-generation Moluccans living in the Netherlands regarding their wish for an own state. This thesis is based on 24 interviews with second- as well as third-generation Moluccans in the Netherlands; interviews addressing their history, their identity and their opinions about the RMS. Looking at the differences between the generations regarding those subjects, it is striking that the differences are only minor. Within both generations there are proponents and opponents of an independent state and both generations are characterized by a declining interest in the ideal of the RMS. The second generation is, however, more often interested in returning to the RMS and is more forgiving towards the violence as used during the 1970s.
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