Moving forward to the new normal in times of Covid-19 - What service innovations are worth keeping in restaurants?

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Restaurants applied service innovations as a coping mechanism to survive covid-19. Although innovating services was a forced measure during covid-19, service innovations could result in the following effects on a businessmodel; new customer segments, an increase in revenue, a decrease in costs, improved customer relations and retention and a higher competitive advantage. With in-depth semi-structured interviews with restaurant managers or owners, six cases were reviewed and analysed using the deductive coding technique in order to answer the research question: To what extent do covid-19 induced service innovations impact the business model of restaurants? The results suggest that service innovations have a positive effect on the customer relations, customer segments, revenue streams and cost structure. Moreover, the effects of covid-19 induced service innovations on business models can be categorized in temporary or lasting effects. Second, the most important key performance indicator within the cases was customer feedback, this influenced the decision to keep or cease the innovation. Third, continuously evaluating the key performance indicators and acting on the results of this analyses leads to positive effects of the service innovation on the businessmodel. Last, although service innovations confirmed to have positive impacts on the business models of restaurants, at the current time, most service innovations have been ceased due to lack of resources and time.
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