Interregulating circularity strategies and multiple value creation - Exploring the interrelationship of circularity and multiple value creation and the rol of a Circular Kickstart Program

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Nowadays, organisations have issues around scarce resources, how to value them and how to find a sustainable way of operating. One way to address this for an organisation is to work on circularity or multiple value creation. In this research, six organisations have been studied on how they apply circularity and multiple value creation. They have followed a Circular Kickstart Programme which has consciously helped them to move forward in terms of circularity, but has this also been unconsciously in terms of multiple value creation? This research examines whether there is an interrelationship between the circularity strategies and multiple value creation applied among the organisations that have completed the Circular Kickstart Programme. It also examines the role of the Circular Kickstart Programme in this interrelation. The main finding of this research is that there is an interrelationship, but the way in which this happens in an organisation is diverse, as each organisation is unique in its operations and therefore in the way in which it implements circularity and multiple value creation. In addition, the Circular Kickstart Programme plays a conscious role in circularity, an unconscious role in multiple value creation and indeed a role in the interrelationship between the two.
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