Civil society relationship for the Air Pollution Problem in Sofia, Bulgaria; barriers that exist in these dimensions and the role of the civil society domain in this policy arrangement

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The polluted air is becoming a painful issue for the population of Bulgaria and especially for the citizens of Sofia in recent years. This is due to various reasons - pressure from the European Union, as well as from the citizens themselves. The purpose of this thesis is to provide deeper understanding of the air-related policy arrangement in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. For doing this, the four elements of this policy arrangement are analysed, namely: a) actors involved, b) resources needed, c) rules of the game, and d) discourses used. Within these dimensions, barriers that detriment the problem tackling in Sofia, on institutional and societal level, are also identified. After mapping the air-related policy arrangement in the city, the analysis focuses on one actor within this arrangement, namely the civil society domain. This is done because for the goals of the thesis it is essential to be understood to what extent the civil sector has influenced the decision-making processes on air-related policies and its role in causing/solving the barriers in the four dimensions. This was important in order the analysis to reveal the actual development of the country and the involvement of non-governmental organisations and citizens into air-related policies.
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