Managing employee retention, A study on learning organization practices and leaders behaviors ans the influence on employee retention

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Due to the labor shortage, globalization, and competition that is increasing, organizations today are becoming more challenged to retain employees and remain successful. This research aims to understand how organizations can influence employee retention by looking at how practices of a learning organization and leadership behaviors can influence employees’ motivations to stay with an organization. The research question that relates to this is: ‘’How do practices of learning organizations influence motivations of why employees stay at an organization? And how does leadership behavior matter in the learning practices-retention motivation relationship?’’. To answer the research question, a qualitative research is conducted where data is collected through data triangulation. Through interviews, observations and documents, the different characteristics and relationships between employee retention, learning organization practices and leadership behavior are found. The results showed that different learning organization practices influence the motivations of employees to stay in different ways and can be reinforced by leadership behavior. From this, it can be concluded that the practices of continuous learning, team learning, open culture, and employee involvement in particular motivated employees to stay with an organization. This was reinforced by the aspects of relational- and change-oriented leadership behavior. However, these findings have some limitations because the research was conducted at one organization with a small number of respondents. Nevertheless, the results have made it possible to provide deeper insights into how learning organization practices and leadership behavior can influence employee retention. In this way, the findings have added to the existing literature on employee retention. In addition, a basis for future research to further investigate how employee motivations to stay can be influenced by organizations.
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