The Relationship between Affective Organizational Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Innovative Behavior. In a Research with Extensive Training and Innovative Organizational Climate as Moderators

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Organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior and innovative behavior are known to have an effect on organizational performance. Enhancing organizational performance is the most fundamental goal for all organizations in the world. Therefore, this thesis investigated the relationship between affective organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior through the lens of the social exchange theory and the relationship between affective organizational commitment and innovative behavior through the lens of the social identity theory. Based on the social exchange theory, the moderator extensive training was used. Based on the social identity theory, the moderator innovative organizational climate was used. For this research, quantitative data was used from the Global HRM project, which is a cross-sectional research conducted by an international team of researchers. By means of an online survey questionnaire data was collected from 2839 employees and 383 supervisors in 57 organizations in 11 countries. This data was used to conduct multiple regression analyses in order to see whether there were significant relationships between the variables affective organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior, innovative behavior with inclusion of the moderators extensive training and innovative organizational climate.
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