Multi-layered Safety in Marken: A Policy Arrangement Approach

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In recent history, due to climate change, rise in sea level and increased exposure of assets and population in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has been searching for policy alternatives in the water safety-realm. The idea flooding can never be completely ruled out sparked a need for a more broad approach in managing water safety. The multi-layered approach to managing flood-risks, included in addition to traditional dyke-enhancements the involvement of spatial planners and crisis managers. In cooperation the new actors of flood-risk management would be searching for a comprehensive approach to ensure water safety in the long term. In this research the impacts of the implementation of multi-layered safety in the policy arrangement of Marken has been shown. It was shown the multi-layered approach all actors within the policy arrangement approach had adopted the new way searching for solutions to water safety issues in all three layers. In their open approach the actors have actively worked together throughout the process. The resource distribution of the project has changed under the influence of multi-layered safety, as the budgets were open for any solution, instead of focused on a dyke-enhancement. In the case of Marken adjustments in the 2nd and 3rd layer were not able to ensure water safety in the short term, but shows promise in the long-term.
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