Are we on the same page? Different perceptions of management support between employees and managers, and their influence on employees’ innovative work behavior in Dutch elderly care

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The elderly care sector faces the need for innovation due to significant challenges in improving the quality of care whilst decreasing the costs of care. It is well established that innovative work behavior (IWB) is an important factor for improving services in organizations. Management support is shown to positively affect employees’ IWB, however the influence of differing perceptions between managers and employees on such management support has not been studied. Therefore, this study investigates how differences in managers’ and employees’ perceptions of management support affect employees’ IWB in the Dutch elderly care sector. In order to form an answer, twelve semi-structured interviews were conducted where both managers and employees were represented. The transcripts resulted from the interviews were analyzed utilizing a reflexive thematic analysis. This resulted in four sub-themes namely, involvement, idea potential, personal relationship and communication. These affected the employees’ IWB as they led to ideas not reaching the manager either because the manager did not search for these ideas or employees were less willing to send their manager these ideas. This led to the conclusion that differences in perceptions inhibited employees’ abilities and willingness to successfully present ideas to their managers and obtain an approval to get their idea implemented.
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