Legitimering in (on)afhankelijkheid. Een onderzoek naar de manier waarop particuliere en gesubsidieerde musea zich legitimeren te midden van het spanningsveld tussen artistieke en economische waarden

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This thesis provides insight in the ways subsidized and private museums legitimate themselves, in the midst of the tension field between artistic and economic value. Four case museums (Frans Hals Museum, Museum de Fundatie, LAM and No Hero) were studied through qualitative research, consisting of in-depth interviews with the directors and a critical discourse analysis. During the interviews a ‘card game’ was used, displaying eighteen core values abstracted from Boltanski and Thévenot’s theory of worlds. In three rounds, the respondents were asked to pick a certain amount of cards and to comment on their choices. Through critical discourse analysis an attempt was subsequently made to find out which justification logics the respondents used during the justification of their card choices. This provided valuable insights in the hierarchies of worth of the four case museums, their interpretation of different values, and the tensions and conflicts they experience.
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