The Changing Establishment in Retail : A Research on Possible Effects of the Increasing Internet Purchases on the Strategy of Retailers and Consequences for the Dutch Retail Structure

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This study was conducted to investigate changing strategies of retailers due to the increasing internet purchases, and consequences this may have on the retail structure. Thorough knowledge on this subject was missing, including new strategies that have emerged due to internet, and in practice it seemed that the increasing purchases on the internet can cause changes in the retail structure. In order to investigate this, an answer to the following main question was given: To what extent do retailers of chain stores deal with their establishment differently, because of the increasing internet purchases and what are the consequences for the retail structure? Sub questions were formulated to support the answer to the main question. In this research, a distinction is made between the physical establishment, the virtual establishment and the combination of these establishments, the synergetic establishment. The focus mainly regarded the effects of increasing internet purchases on the physical establishment which have most consequences for the physical retail structure. A literature study of these concepts was preceded the empirical part of this study.
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