Mapping barriers in improving ecological sustainability at festivals

dc.contributor.advisorKaufmann, Maria
dc.contributor.advisorVeenman, Sietske
dc.contributor.authorLamper, Sven
dc.description.abstractThis thesis delves into the ecological sustainability challenges faced by music festivals, with a focus on Drift – Om te Dansen Festival as a pivotal case study. Despite the festival industry's growth and its cultural significance, its environmental impact remains a critical concern. This research aims to identify and analyse the barriers to implementing sustainable practices within the festival setting. Employing a policy arrangement approach, the study evaluates the interplay of actors, resources, rules, and discourses shaping sustainability efforts. The study uniquely incorporates a comparative analysis with DGTL Festival, a forerunner in sustainability, focusing on its innovative five-pillar approach to sustainable festival management. This comparison sheds light on effective strategies and practices that can be adopted by other festivals, where the complex dynamics between economic pressures and ecological responsibility are highlighted. Through this lens, the thesis offers a comprehensive understanding of the current state of festival sustainability and proposes avenues for more environmentally conscious festival organization, thereby enriching the scientific dialogue on sustainability in the event management field.
dc.thesis.facultyFaculteit der Managementwetenschappen
dc.thesis.specialisationspecialisations::Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen::Master Environment and Society Studies::Corporate Sustainability
dc.thesis.studyprogrammestudyprogrammes::Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen::Master Environment and Society Studies
dc.titleMapping barriers in improving ecological sustainability at festivals
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