The integration of climate adaptation and sustainability poli-cies on the local level: a study of the degree of policy integration in cities and the influence of actor collaboration on this process

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The present research seeks to investigate the integration of adaptation and sustainability policies on the local level. It does so with the objective of detecting actors and their collaborations in the process of policy integration (PI) as they provide the basis for successful integration of two policies in cities. Consequently, this research takes three German cities as case studies and uses policy document analysis and expert interviews as methods to investigate PI and actor collaboration on the local level. The analysis of PI among adaptation and sustainability polices shows that the degree of integration in all analysed cities is already particularly high. It therefore became apparent, that all cities recognised the urgency for a comprehensive and integrated approach of both fields. Sustainability polices indicate their commitment and interest in facilitating integration especially with adaptation as intersection among both can be found. Inversely, the field of adaptation barely include sustainability as a stand-alone topic in their policies. Furthermore, this research revealed that common actors and collaborative relationships among them significantly enhance the likelihood of two policies being integrated. Especially direct communication among actors contributes towards discovering common grounds and building trust. Collaborative relationship further favours joint feelings of responsibility and joint decision making which in turn is beneficial for PI.
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