Case study on the German Discourse of Industry Decarbonization

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To ensure and enable the decarbonization of the German basic material industry policy measures are currently being developed or elaborated on. The analysis of the discourse is an important tool for studying the power effects produced by and built into the discourse on industry decarbonization. This is the first research providing a structured analysis of this discourse. Drawing on discourse analysis and the Multilevel-Perspectives framework, this research investigated the power and dominance of storylines to influence the discourse. This research made use of the Discourse Network Analysis software. Based on 117 documents from the years 2012 to 2023, the discourse is discovered to be dominated by storylines of mainly technological or economic nature. The general sentiment is positive with the storylines focusing on establishing the conditions for decarbonization. 18 out of 27 storylines are being used by more than 56% of all actors indicating discursive homogeneity. The homogeneity is further indicated through the lack of emerging discourse. One coalition can be defined with some actors being deeper involved and some being less involved in the discourse. As decisions on the transition path for decarbonize are still to be taken the lack of discursive struggles comes as a surprise.
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