"Playing with the model or modeling the game? A comparison of Group Model-Building and Game-Based Learning"

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In this study, an extensive literature study and exploratory qualitative data analysis are used to gain insights in two methods of organizational intervention: Group Model-Building (GMB) and Game-Based Learning (GBL). GMB is a process aimed at providing insights in strategic debates by jointly creating a model of the system that may support decision-making. Through sharing of Individual Mental Models, a shared perspective is created. GBL is a popular tool to support individual and organizational learning. It is argued that the methods have quite some overlapping elements, and an integration may aid in overcoming some shortcomings associated with the methods. Grounded in literature, an integrated tool Group Model-Based Game Learning was hypothesized. Through qualitative semi-structured interviews with experts from both the field of GMB and GBL, this hypothesized tool was further articulated. A case study of GO4IT, a serious game developed for military training, was drawn up and analyzed. Results of this research show potential for Group Model-Based Game Learning, although further research is needed to see how this tool may work in practice. For experts of both GMB and GBL, some recommendations are given, for both research and practice.
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