The desirability of housing labor migrants on business sites in Apeldoorn.

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The expansion of the EU and the loosening of rules regarding contracts for international workers has led to a large increase of labor migrants in the Netherlands. On the one hand, this increase has been received positively to fill the shortages in the labor market. On the other hand, it has also created shortages in the housing market for labor migrants. Sometimes this resulted in unwanted housing conditions. The Municipality of Apeldoorn also recognizes this housing issue and considers business sites as potential new locations where labor migrant housing could be facilitated. This research aims to provide insight in this specific issue by examining the desirability of housing labor migrants on business sites from the perspectives of stakeholders involved. Following a qualitative approach, a multiple-case study is chosen to look at two business sites with different business activities in the context of the municipality of Apeldoorn. Semi-structured interviews are conducted with municipal stakeholders, labor migrants, local residents and property owners. The theoretical framework produced several influencing factors which are combined to structure the analysis of the study. These include influencing factors in the demand, supply and socio-political support regarding the desirability of labor migrant housing on business sites.
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