I Pray fot it Everyday: Migration Asprirations of Cameroonian Youth

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The migration aspirations of Cameroonian youngsters are studied in this research. Youngsters who have the wish to move abroad, but are not able to move yet. Many Cameroonian youngsters wish to move to countries outside the African continent, their main reasons are: economical opportunities and educational opportunities. Youngsters from the urban and the rural area were compared in this study. There were not experienced large differences between respondents of the two groups. Many of them dreamed about the opportunities of going abroad and did not really thought about the difficulties which they could experience. This can be declared by bounded rationality, youngsters filter the information they get about migration to keep the dream feasible. Due to increasing communication technologies youngsters are able to collect very much information, but they choose to collect especially positive information about migration. There were differences seen between the aspirations of individuals according to gender, family migration history and family wealth, but the aspirations of these individuals also overlapped to a great extent. That the aspirations are important for these youngsters showed their praying behaviour, many pray often to move abroad and some even every day.
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