The Value in Everyday Conversations: The Unrecognized – A quest to understand the role of everyday diplomacy in migrants of de-facto states

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This research is positioned on the interplay between the social and the political nature of diplomacy. This interplay has undergone an increased amount of attention due to the shift of seeing diplomacy not as a profession but rather as an everyday event. I use this angle of everyday diplomacy to question and investigate the impact such ways of thinking can have in understanding the dynamics of how diplomacy is practised in the context of de-facto states. The understanding of diplomacy as a phenomenon means that this research takes a phenomenological perspective to get an understanding of how this nexus between everyday diplomacy and de-facto states takes place. It takes the logic of the de-facto state as a site of research because this site is theorized to be a fertile ground for developing social forms of diplomacy. Focussing specifically on migrants of Northern Cypriots currently in the Netherlands, I show how such groups might deal with their perceived diplomatic selfhood, and how their everyday diplomatic actions might take shape. The findings of this research touch predominantly on the importance of the exchange of pleasantries and the everyday diplomatic value embedded within them.
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