Energy Efficiency Renovations; A segmentation of Dutch home owners

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The goal of the government is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49% in 2030 compared to 1990 (K. Beckman, 2018) This can only be achieved if the energy transition is affordable for everyone. Parties from the climate agreement believe that the energy transition can be affordable for everyone if we succeed to reduce the costs through scaling up and innovation. Regarding the first, municipalities play an important role. Together with residents and building owners, they need to consider carefully what the best solution is for each neighbourhood, if houses are no longer heated with the traditional central heating boiler. A neighbourhood-oriented approach, no matter how energetic, is not automatically successful. Previous projects have shown that owner-occupied homes do not opt for a serial approach, with entire streets taking the same measures. Homeowners need customization. The neighbourhood-oriented approach seems to be caught between two fires; customization on the one hand and upscaling on the other. Market segmentation is the key to success according to this research. By defining different groups of homeowners within the energy transition, this research enables policy makers and professionals to formulate strategies that match the characteristics of a specific group.
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