Nature development in the Krimpenerwaard: a policy arrangement analysis

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At any point in time, nature is being developed all over the Netherlands. Whether as part of Natura 2000, the NNN, or under another umbrella entirely. This thesis takes one such nature development project, the Veenweiden Krimpenerwaard project. Part of the The Hague’s extension of the NNN, this project has been on the schedule for over two decades. Over the last 7 years, the project has gotten traction and it is now actively being developed. This thesis uses the Policy Arrangement Approach analyse how the discourses, resources, and rules of the game have affected the actors in the Veenweiden Krimpenerwaard project. A combination of semi structured interviews, an analysis of policy documents, and a media analysis has found that each of the three has had a different effect on the actors. The rules of the game have created constraints for actors, limiting potential outcomes and actor’s ability to affect those. The dominant discourse has made many of the local actors hesitant towards the project. What the distribution of resources shows, is that the power of actors is constantly changing, with different stages in the project requiring different resources.
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